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How I became a photographer for modern, high-quality art photography

The camera is my brush and the light is my paint

Even as a child, I was fascinated by the possibility of capturing moments and conveying emotions through images. Back then, I wanted to become a painter. I was interested in the small details of life. For various reasons, I didn't find my way to training as a painter. The gift that lies within me is always looking for expression. It was creativity in writing and my interest in literature. That's why I did a doctorate in German literature. My analytical thinking helped me. Then came my work in publishing, which led me to discover graphic design. That's why I now run my own small publishing house. But the breakthrough to art photography for me was the realization that my camera was the closest I could get to my childhood dream of being a painter.

Today, with my camera in hand, I try to capture the magic of the moment and hold on to it for eternity. In a world that is often characterized by hectic and stress, I look for the beauty and mood of the moment. This is how photography has become a passion for me.

Modern Art Portrait Mariana Parvanova

Where does my love of modern high-quality photographic art come from

I find beauty in the small details of everyday life. My camera accompanies me everywhere. Photography is a vocation for me and an activity that fulfills me and through which I create exclusive images. I see myself as an artist who offers modern high-quality photographic works of art in limited editions. I feel inner satisfaction when my works inspire the viewer with their quality. Therefore, I always strive to offer my works in gallery quality.

How I searched for stories and discovered myself

I love to showcase people and places and emphasize their uniqueness. As a hunter of moments, I not only capture the outside, but also the inside - the soul - and stories, emotions and atmosphere. But while I was searching for the perfect shot, I discovered that the camera and artistic post-processing are my strongest means of expression. That's when I went back to my roots and to what defines me and makes me happy. The special sparkle in my eyes when I talk about my work as a photographer is inspiration for the art and beauty that I want to pass on with my art photography. I want my buyers to feel inspired and alive every day by my photographic art.

What is the essence of my photographic artwork

For me, photography is a search for beauty in all its forms - be it in nature, in people's faces or even in the seemingly most banal or already abandoned objects of everyday life. It is a way of sharing my view of the world with others. Through my images, I want to inspire people to recognize and appreciate the beauty around them and encourage them to bring that beauty into their spaces.

My mission is to help people through my images to make their home a feel-good place that reflects their personality and impresses their guests with style and elegance.

What makes my pictures special?

Besides the way I capture the beauty of the world around us and show it from a new perspective, my works come with certificates of authenticity. I offer limited editions of selected artworks that are interesting for art collectors who are looking for new artists.

If you are reading this, I encourage you to discover your own passion for art photography. Explore my works and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of my images on my website.


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