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Fine art photography is my passion.
I want my pictures to beautify your rooms,
fill it with positive emotions and
underline your individuality

My name is Dr. Mariana Parvanova-Brett. I am a photographer and architecture enthusiast. I love traveling and I do a lot of landscape and cityscapes photography and much more. For me, photography is a source of inspiration and a way to capture the beauty of our world and the moment. I love the creative aspect of photography. This continues when I post-process the images. I post-process my pictures in different ways. I create both classic black and white photographs and those that look more like oil or modern and pop art works of art. I also experiment with AI in image composition. I use my Nikon camera for specific photo shoots on selected themes. More often I twitch the camera of my cell phone (Samsung S23 Ultra) to capture the moment and the mood.

Designing rooms is another passion of mine. Pictures and art photography are a very powerful element of interior design for me. By combining the two, I want to inspire you to give your rooms their own emotions and unique aesthetics.

Because I want to share my enthusiasm for art photography as an element of interior design with as many people as possible, I have decided to share my images with you in gallery quality. My photographs are meant to bring you joy and transform your spaces into unique oases of beauty that reflect your personality and keep you charged with positive energy.

Whether you are looking for an eye-catcher for the living room, a soft atmosphere for the bedroom or a creative touch for the business premises - with my photographs in limited editions and with a certificate of authenticity you get exclusive works of art. My vision is to enrich your living and business spaces with positive emotions and a unique aesthetic.

Gallery quality

Creative vision: Each of my artworks is the result of my creative vision. I strive to present you with unique and unforgettable images that appeal to your senses and stimulate your imagination.

Hand-picked motifs: My motifs are carefully selected to offer you extraordinary experiences. From breathtaking landscapes to fascinating urban impressions - every picture tells its own story and immerses you in a different world.

Emotional connection: My fine art photography creates an emotional connection. I want you to be able to identify with my pictures, that they touch you and awaken positive emotions in you. Your reaction and your personal connection to my works are of the utmost importance to me.

Fundamental values

Quality and craftsmanship: I attach great importance to the highest quality and precision in my work. Each piece of art is created with great care and attention to detail. The use of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art printing techniques ensures that you receive a work of art that will retain its value for generations.

Authenticity and genuineness: Our fine art photographs come with certificates of authenticity to give you peace of mind that you are purchasing an original and authentic work. Each picture is personally signed by me to emphasize its uniqueness.

Customer satisfaction: Your satisfaction is important to me. I want you to be happy with your artwork and be proud to display it in your living spaces.

Sustainability: I attach great importance to sustainability and environmental awareness. When producing our artworks, I make sure to work with partners who use resource-saving processes and/or environmentally friendly materials.

Portfolio & Catalogue

Exhibitions, Competitions, Memberships


April 2024

  • Nicoleta Gallery, LIVING Berlin, Kantstrasse 17, 10623 Berlin, Germany

  • Thomson Gallery, Schmidgasse 4 6300 Zug, Switzerland

  • Casa del Arte, Costa d'en Brossa 4, 07001 Palma, Spain

May 2024

  • Andakulova Gallery, Unit 18, P4Level Damac Park, Towers DIFC, Dubai, UAE

  • Cipriarte Venezia Gallery, Castello 2145 Riva San Biasio, Venezia, Italy

  • Andie Art Gallery, Farantaton 17, Athens 115 27, Greece

June 2024

  • BAUM 20, Modern Art, photo art exhibition, Baumkirchner Str. 20, 81673 Munich, Germany

  • Cipriarte Venezia Gallery, in connection with the Venice Biennale, Castello 2145 Riva San Biasio, Venezia, Italy

July 2024

  • Andakulova Gallery, Unit 18, P4Level Damac Park, Towers DIFC, Dubai, UAE

21-25. August 2024



International Photography Award, 8th 35 AWARDS


35awards_CARS 2024.png

Photography Theme Contest CARS 2024


contest symmetry.png

Photography Theme Contest Symmetry 2024



Currently in 2024

  • International Photography Award, 10th 35 AWARDS, Participation​


Artists' Guild Berg am Laim, Munich


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